when should i feed my betta fish

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Twice a day

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  • How often should I Feed my betta fish?

  • You should feed your Betta fish twice per day, once in the morning and again in the evening. This is enough to keep your Betta happy and well-nourished, as long as you provide the right foods. Feeding your pet fish once per day may also be suitable in some instances. For instance, adult Betta鈥檚 can do well on one feeding per day.

  • What is the best betta fish food?

  • Ranked in order, the best betta food is live, frozen, freeze-dried, pellets, and flakes. Feeding a variety of different foods will provide the array of nutrients a betta fish needs to thrive. How much to feed your betta fish can depend on their individual activity level, but 2-3 pellets 1-2 times daily is a safe amount.

  • Can I Feed my betta fish pellets?

  • Most betta keepers decide to feed pellets because they are simple and effective. Pellets create less mess and you can easily portion them out for feedings. Live, freeze-dried, or frozen foods can be used as treats or implemented into their daily feeding routine too.

  • What to do if your betta fish is not eating?

  • Uneaten food can attract bacteria that is bad for water chemistry and the fish. This is especially problematic if the fish eats the food after it has gone bad. Use a small net that you would use to scoop out excrement or transfer the fish to another container. Feed it regularly. A betta should be fed every day or nearly every day.

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