when to stop feeding plants

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Late summer to fall

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  • When should you stop fertilizing?

  • Here’s our recommendation for when to stop fertilizing and why. When it comes to fertilizing plants and trees, the package label is a wealth of information for application rates and frequencies. Most water-soluble packaged fertilizers recommend that the first application be made around bud-break in the spring, once the ground has thawed.

  • When should I start feeding my plants in spring?

  • Always follow the feed supplier鈥檚 advice, but as a general rule start feeding in spring, perhaps once every two weeks. Feed weekly when plants are growing vigorously and the weather is warmer, rising to twice weekly for heavy feeders or fast-growing plants in large containers. Related content: Feeding plants in spring (video)

  • Do you not feed the last 2 weeks before harvest?

  • yes I dont feed the last 2 weeks before harvest..we dont want those. it helps get the nutes outta plant and makes for a better smoke..take care and be safe my friend so ill go straight water from here….

  • Should you feed pot plants before or after harvest?

  • There is no proof either way in the argument that has been going on now for 20+ years over feeding pot plants before harvest. 1. One side says to feed right up to harvest.

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