where can i feed giraffes near me

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  • Where can I feed giraffes at the zoo?

  • Feedings take place at the giraffe feeding platform in the Animals of the Savanna area and provide guests with an unforgettable, up-close encounter with the Zoo鈥檚 three Masai giraffes 鈥?Iggy, Kipenzi, and Parker. Giraffe feeding tickets are limited and often sell out.

  • When is the giraffe feeding experience open?

  • The Giraffe Feeding Experience is open year-round, outdoors at the Feeding Platform seasonally, and indoors at our Giraffe Building during cold or inclement weather. Zuri and Nigel, our Reticulated Giraffes, are waiting to meet you! So don鈥檛 delay 鈥?enjoy this experience today! Please note this schedule is subject to change without notice.

  • What’s included in the giraffe feeding experience?

  • Your giraffe feeding experience will last at least 20 minutes. One session available each day for a maximum of two people per session. What鈥檚 included in the giraffe feeding experience? Includes a close up meeting with our tallest residents Opportunity to hand feed the giraffes Giraffe keeper QA 鈥?ask all of your giraffe questions

  • Where can I see giraffes in Florida?

  • At Giraffe Ranch in Dade City, Florida you’ll experience first hand, the lives of giraffe and other species from around the world living under huge live oaks and open grasslands in a setting that is right out of Africa.

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