where can i feed giraffes near me

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  • Where can you hand feed giraffes in the United States?

  • Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA offers guests the opportunity to hand feed giraffes and other animals, such as bison, tropical birds, sheep and goats. Purchase admission and visit an animal feeding experience for a memorable experience you won’t soon forget.

  • Can you feed giraffes at the Maryland Zoo?

  • Experience the Maryland Zoo giraffe like never before! The Feeding Station features a gated feeding area where visitors can purchase a small branch of acacia browse to feed a giraffe. Guests may also enjoy a separate, non-gated deck for free viewing and photography.

  • Can you feed giraffes at Brookfield Zoo?

  • Giraffe Feedings Brookfield Zoo’s giraffes spend much of their day grazing but they’ll never say no to a meal from you. Twice each day, you can stop by Habitat Africa: The Savannah along the 31st Street Walkway and deliver up some delicious greens that the giraffes will take right from your hand.

  • What is a giraffe feeding experience?

  • Giraffe feeding experience. Our giraffe feeding experience gives you the chance to feed our herd of giraffe. It鈥檚 an exclusive opportunity to come face to face (nose to nose!) with our herd of giraffe, and feed them a mix of browse (that鈥檚 tree branches to you and me) and special giraffe pellets.

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