which wolf do you feed

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  • What do you feed the courage Wolf?

  • We just need to breathe deeply and focus on feeding the courage wolf. Express gratitude: Write down the things you鈥檙e grateful for. The story of the two wolves teaches us that we are the creators and we are all equals. If life gets hard, get in touch with your heart, feed the courage wolf, and your life will change in the very moment.

  • Are You feeding the fear Wolf?

  • We feed the fear wolf when we talk negatively to ourselves, beat ourselves up for little setbacks, and don鈥檛 ever focus on our strengths, gifts, and all the good we have in life. The worst thing you can do is to accept the messages of the fear wolf.

  • Why is it important to re-read the Wolf you feed?

  • Even if you know the story of the Wolf You Feed it is important to re-read it as it delivers new wisdom each time. The first time we read this story we realized the importance of not feeding the dark wolf but we neglected to feed the light wolf. As you read this story, read it slowly, carefully out loud so that the words have time to sink in.

  • What qualities does the Black Wolf have that we need?

  • The black wolf has many qualities that we need, tenacity, courage, strong willed, and great strategic thinking. These are things the white wolf lacks. Now is a good time to reflect on how we can maintain the balance between the light wolf and the dark wolf so that both wolves will serve us.

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