why feed a cold starve a fever

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  • What does’feed a cold starve a fever’mean?

  • Another interpretation of the expression that seems to have some credibility is that feed a cold, starve a fever is a misquote of feed a cold and stave a fever . Stave meaning to keep away/drive off. This makes a fair amount of sense from a modern point of view, that if you look after yourself with a cold you’ll be less likely to get sicker.

  • Does food kill a fever faster than a cold?

  • The Truth Behind the ‘Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever’ Saying Feed a cold, starve a fever.鈥?The classic saying suggests that a cold can be squashed with adequate food intake, while a fever will burn off faster if you, well, fast.

  • Is soup good for a cold or a fever?

  • There is nothing magical about soup, it’s just a combination of the best things for a cold or a fever. Next time you are trying to remember if it’s starve a cold and feed a fever or feed a cold and starve a fever, remember this new adage: Feed them both to keep the body fighting.

  • Should you starve yourself when you have a fever?

  • Eating food when you have a cold can also help the body generate heat, although other methods of keeping warm, like wearing an extra layer of clothes or wrapping yourself in a blanket, do the trick as well. There are many reasons you shouldn鈥檛 try to starve a fever.

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