why is my newborn crying while feeding

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Acid reflux

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  • Why is my baby crying while bottle feeding?

  • If you find that your baby is crying while bottle feeding, you may be wondering why and how to fix it. If your baby is crying during a bottle feeding, it is possible that your baby might have an allergy, especially if your baby is drinking formula, but an allergy is not always the cause.

  • What should I do if my baby is crying after feeding?

  • On the other hand, if immediately after you begin feeding, your baby pulls off, arches his back and kneads against your breast, this means you have a slower let-down. You may try breast compression to ease the flow. The crying or fussing may also signal your baby鈥檚 urge to burp or pass gas.

  • Why does my Baby Cry for hours at a time?

  • If your baby seems gassy after feeding and cries for hours on end, it could be colic. Generally colic is the name for the condition where babies under 3 months, cry for at least 2-3 hours every day and cry for three or more days in the week.

  • Is it normal for my Baby to cry during breastfeeding?

  • Babies may cry during breastfeeding for various reasons ranging from simple distractions to a serious feeding problem. Although occasional crying during breastfeeding can be normal, frequent crying and refusal to breastfeeding may require medical attention and/or working with a lactation consultant-IBCLC.

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