why shouldn’t we feed wild animals

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Upset the balance of nature

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  • Why shouldn鈥檛 you feed wildlife?

  • Read on to discover six reasons why you shouldn鈥檛 feed wildlife, plus tips on how to keep wildlife safe on the trails. 1. Human Food is Not Healthy for Animals Wildlife have specialized diets so eating human food can lead to malnutrition and other health problems. This includes organic foods and granola bars.

  • Is it OK to feed wild animals?

  • Animals can become used to people and soon learn to take advantage of food scraps and offerings. Though this is usually done with good intent, feeding wild animals can upset the balance of nature and you are strongly advised against feeding wild animals.

  • What are the effects of feeding wild animals to humans?

  • This has resulted in human injuries and even death. People have been bitten while feeding wild animals, some of which carry infectious diseases such as rabies, bubonic plague or hantavirus. If we feed wild animals the wrong food they can become sick or addicted to the wrong type of food.

  • Why is it dangerous to feed wildlife from vehicles?

  • Feeding wildlife from or near vehicles is dangerous to animals, people, and property. Animals can be hit by moving vehicles or might try to enter vehicles in search of food. Roads and vehicles represent one of the major causes of mortality in wildlife.

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