how often to feed african dwarf frogs

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Three days a week

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  • What do African dwarf frogs eat?

  • They especially enjoy eating live food, but there are very few creatures small enough for ADFs to eat alive. In captivity, African dwarf frogs should be also fed a variety of foods.

  • How often do you feed your frogs?

  • Other keepers feed their frogs until they’re full every other day or every third day. My system is to feed them until they’re full on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but to not feed them at all on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • Are You overfeeding your African dwarf frogs?

  • If you are new to the African dwarf frog hobby, you probably are overfeeding your frogs. Nearly all inexperienced keepers overfeed their frogs. In fact, I estimate that most beginning ADF keepers feed their frogs between four and ten times as much food as they should.

  • How do I care for an African dwarf frog?

  • Another word of caution, quarantine anything you put into the aquarium for at least a week. African dwarf frogs are especially sensitive. Their skin is very absorbing. Clean the tank once a month just like any other aquarium. Get a kit (net, scrubbers, etc.) and clean inside (algae) and outside.

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